The Smallest Theatre in the World is an iconic piece of Street Art that played a pioneering part in the development of outdoor theatre in the UK. The fully functioning two-seat theatre mounted on the sidecar of a motorbike delivered epic pieces of theatre to an audience of two adults. Classic tales such as ‘War and Peace’, were performed in less than thirty minutes, which at the time was a hilarious and radical idea. Not only that but with a seating capacity of two it never played to less than a 100% capacity audience!

The Smallest Theatre still has a mythical quality, despite having sunk into obscurity following the death of its creator Marcel Steiner. It had not toured for nearly fifteen years when it was spotted by the Chelmsford Arts Team who, mindful of its legendary status, rescued it and put together a group of creative artists to try and rehabilitate the Smallest Theatre.

Then in a strange piece of serendipity, The Grand Theatre of Lemmings was brought into the picture. ‘Strange’ because Lemmings director David Rose was thrown into his own theatrical career when Marcel unceremoniously squeezed him into the Smallest Theatre over thirty years ago. Although a graduate psychologist at the time he never looked back and after touring with Marcel and the Smallest Theatre went on to form the Grand Theatre of Lemmings.

So now the Smallest Theatre in the World is in the hands of the Grand Theatre of Lemmings and we are on a mission is to resurrect the Smallest Theatre in the World, by re-inventing its for a 21st century audience and to make it a sustainable touring enterprise with high quality productions.


  • To re-invent the ‘Smallest Theatre in the World’ as an iconic piece of Street-art and boldly tour where other theatres can’t.
  • To celebrate the legend that once was and archive the work of the Smallest Theatre’s founder Marcel Steiner.
  • To establish a new style of high quality performance and produce two unique new shows designed for different events and audiences.