Lemmings Theatre History

When Dave Danzig left the Madhouse Company and the ‘Wild Stunt show” he was determined to blaze his own Daredevil trail across the world of theatre and soon formed the ‘Grand Theatre of Lemmings’ with Mandy ‘Mad Dog’ Medlicott.

Inspired by the ‘Wild Stunt Show’s’ amazing of anarchy and ability to create shock, disorientation and laughter, Dave wondered if it was possible to put that electric sense of wonderment into a play and let it unfold through a story. To succeed would mean the audience completely forgetting that they were in a theatre and believing that the events on stage were really unfolding before their eyes. Dave survived the show with no additional scars but did they succeed in taking the audience into their nonsensical world of tricks, stunts and explosions galore?

The first stage show ‘Laugh I could have died! performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1985 to excellent reviews.

"Ingenious, a pinnacle of inspired silliness. Throughout there are tricks of various sorts, puns, and escapes. Jokes and explosions; the mixture is hilarious but behind the humour there must be an element of real risk. The Idea is ingenious and some serious points are being made in this very entertaining show. There are four characters but only two performers whose real skills make possible the semblance of anarchy and accident."

- Scotsman, Edinburgh Festival Review.

Due to Dave’s association with the Smallest Theatre in the World they were invited to perform at the First National Garden Festival in Liverpool during their first year. This quickly led to appearances at festivals throughout Britain and the Lemmings soon managed to balance their work, by touring festivals in the summer months and producing new stage shows in the winter.

International work soon followed with work in Israel in 1986, Japan in 1988 then in Brisbane Australia for their bicentennial celebrations. This led to numerous bookings in Japan during the following summers. Thirty years later the Lemmings have performed in twenty-six countries across six continents.

The Lemmings now produce a wide range of outdoor work predominantly in the UK that includes their own town festival and are fully committed to getting the Smallest Theatre in the World resurrected as an extra-ordinary piece of outdoor art.

Track Record. Some of the places that the lemmings have performed include:-

  • Jerusalem festival, Israel
  • World Expo in Brisbane, Australia
  • The Silk Road Exposition, in Nara, Japan
  • Halifax Buskers Festival, Canada
  • Singapore Buskers Festival
  • Deventer op Stelten, Holland (on two occasions)
  • Tiong Bahru, Singapore (a special Christmas production)
  • Rhine Army Summer Show, Paderborn, Germany (on three occasions)
  • Lisbon Festival, Portugal
  • Stockholm Water Festival (on three occasions)
  • Hong Kong Fringe Festival
  • The First Bayside Festival, Okinawa, Japan
  • Roskilde Festival, Denmark
  • The Youth Olympics, Esjberg, Denmark
  • The World Expo, Seville, Spain
  • Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido, Japan (on six occasions)
  • Menen Festival, Belgium
  • Deventer Festival, Holland
  • Edinburgh Festival, Scotland
  • The Millennium Dome, in London England
  • Oostende and Opwick festivals, Belgium
  • British cultural exchange with Chongquin in China
  • A five city tour of Turkey
  • Kala Ghoda Festival, India
  • Al Ain festival, United Arab Emirates
  • Jvaskyla Festival, Finland
“The Lemmings are madly funny. I was stunned, shocked, deeply fascinated and with a pain in the stomach muscles from laughter. An outrageously good show”

- Ekstrabladet, Copenhagen.