The Journey

In summer 2014 the Lemmings were all sat round the kitchen (office) table considering the plans for The Smallest Theatre in the World, when we had the idea of taking it to India to do a tour of King Kong...and so we did!
After some very careful planning and some very serious fundraising, we managed to pack up the smallest theatre and get ourselves to Chennai - the home of The Royal Enfield Motorbike.
After various decisions, paths taken and abadoned, props found and friends gained, we ended up at Russ Foundation near Madurai where we lived along side the children at this wonderful home.  From here it was all very much a whirlwind of excitement; meeting Tamil film stars, press calls, and rehearsals!  We had a touring scheduele for schools, colleges and villages around the area and we needed some practice at working so intensely n the heat! Cassie had her new lightweight Kong costume and we all had good fun getting the show back in shape.
The tour itself was quite incredible.  We performed to over 11,000 people in 11 different locations in a very short period of time!  We had the help of the fantastic Nigazh Theatre company, who helped us from start to finish on our tour.  Nigazh - we salute you!
The Tamil press described the show as 'Mesmerising' and we would certainly say that exact word about our entire experience.
After returning from our Indian adventure we have been celebrated on BBC Look East, which features footage taken by Alex Dellow from HadEnough Media.  Alex is also in the process of developing a full legth documentary detailing the ins and outs of our journey.  More details on that to follow, but for now enjoy our little feature on the BBC.
One more thing...
A special THANK YOU to everyone who donated - we couldn't have done it with you!
And another BIG THANK YOU to Royal Enfield who have finished customising our new bike (in Chennai) ready for our return to India.  We all know it's only a matter of time!